Need a great baby gift.?
Why not give a gift that is a gift box and gift in one.  Box is decorated on all four sides and fully lined.  Put your gifts inside and then you have a gift that can be used for years to come.  Personalize with the baby's name or initials.  One side has a pocket to store items, and the other has places to keep pacifiers or pictures or anything you want to slide into the ribbon/elastic holders.  Order in fabrics that match the nursery colors or just in basic blues or pinks.  Order your's today and be a hit at any baby shower. Box measures 8 X 8 X 8.
Baby Gift Box
Box had a fabric top that closes with ribbon - close up to keepn gifts a secret then open up to when in use.
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The girl bear has a little skirt and bow on her head.  You can personalize with initials or name and date of birth.  Use nursery colors to personalize to use in the nursery for storage.