StockBox Designs
Want a cute alternative to traditional Christmas Stockings?  Well here you go.  Order or purchase patterns for these cute StockBoxes.  Sit on the mantel or around the tree or house.  Look for more styles to come - dog and cat styles are on my sewing table!.  You can order a completed version or purchase the pattern and make your own in your choice of fabric and colors!! 
Thanks for looking!!
Santa StockBox
9 X 9 X 9
Snowman StockBox
8 X 8 X 12
Tree StockBox
8 X 8 X 15
All boxes are decorated on all sides.  The tops have ribbon drawstring to close the top to keep your gifts a surprise.
The tree box has 2 options.  The girl can be standing as shown in picture above or sitting with legs that dangle and lay on the tree skirt  as shown in picture on the right.  Box size for girl sitting by the tree is 8 X 8 X 13.